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2022 scholarship recipients




MSUBA has a scholarship program where all MSUBA scholars  (Current MSUBA Scholarship Recipients) participate in bi-monthly sessions and  professional development opportunities through workshops and conversations with experts in the workforce, wellness, leadership and education. The MSUBA Scholars program interfaces with the Scholarship Committee and through relationship building and mentorship. The first MSUBA mentorship program (pilot) included a select few 2021 Scholarship Recipients and willing MSUBA members.  Sponsorship funds can go towards this effort which ultimately would enhance current students school experience.

MSUBA puts on programs for general membership through out the year to enhance alumni engagement. These programs can bring alumni together for educational seminars, watch parties, social events and more. 

MSUBA hosts and plans Homecoming every year. Each year funds are needed to successfully do this. Typically there is a  student centered networking event, social events (including tailgate) and also an event to honor our current year scholarship recipients and distinguished awardees. 

Under the Marshall administration the Inaugural Student Advisory Committee was approved by the Board of Directors. This committee consists of current student leaders and is the sounding board for the president and the board of directors to better understand the campus needs. The president aims  to meet/mentor these students by hosting business dinners, meetings, and providing these students with additional leadership opportunities. 


Your sponsorship will provide funding to cover event expenses and contribute to the MSUBA Endowed Scholarship Fund, which has provided scholarship funds to over 400 students. In a sponsor role, you would join this growing legacy and in turn, MSUBA would promote your company as an official sponsor.

Our goal is to build relationships with sponsors who share our vision and love of education. We believe if your company shares these values and we would be honored to promote your products or services to those who attend our events and to the thousands who view our activities through our website, emails, and social media channels.

Sponsorship Levels

GREEN LEVEL - $7,500
WHITE LEVEL - $2,500



Thank you for your consideration!

Thank you to all of our sponsors over the years.

MSUBA National Board of Directors 

If you would like to become a sponsor contact us!

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