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Mission Statement MSU Black Alumni Inc., is an organization committed to supporting current Black MSU students, faculty, and staff. Utilizing the network of MSU Black Alumni members we aim to assist Black MSU students, faculty and staff reach their highest potential. Through local chapter engagement interconnecting alumni and through substantial contributions to our MSU Scholarship Endowment Fund, both assists with leading this organization toward the ultimate goal.


Vision Statement We are dedicated to the advancement of access, equality and equity for every Black MSU student, faculty and staff.


Value Statement MSU Black Alumni Inc., knows just how important it is to have an organization focused and dedicated to the advancements of others. Although this is ideal, we also know that without resources, support and continued engagement this can be extremely difficult to obtain. The entire Board of Directors is made up of members of MSU Black Alumni Inc., who reside all over the nation. Our value statement helps keep each chapter in alignment and offer unity amongst the board.


  • Give back

  • Uplift

  • Focus on change

  • Support multigenerational efforts

  • Build relationships

  • Communicate efficiently

  • Lead with impact

  • Continual Campus/Alumni engagement

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