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Shall be appointed by the president and shall receive all records from the treasurer and the controller. The committee shall be responsible for auditing all financial records annually and shall engage the services of an independent auditor no less frequently than every three (3) years. The committee shall be chaired by a Group I director and the membership shall include a Group III director, the controller and three life members.

Baby Boomers




Communication/Public Relations


Shall be appointed by the president and will assist the president with relationships with other organizations and shall publish the organizations newsletter. The editor or the newsletter shall be a member of this committee. 





Executive Committee 


Shall be appointed by the president, the first vice president, the second vice president, the secretary, the treasurer, financial secretary, parliamentarian, comptroller and the president-emeritus. The executive committee shall exercise the powers of the board in respect to the management of the organization. Four committee members shall constitute a quorum. Minutes of the committee meeting shall be received and acted upon at the next regular meeting of the board.



Shall be appointed by the treasurer, financial secretary and four Directors appointed by the president, subject to the approval of the board by a majority vote. The finance committee shall develop and recommend to the board an annual budget. The proposed budget shall be distributed to each board member at least ten (10) days before the July board meeting. A Fund Development Sub-Committee shall be convened by the Finance Committee to address periodic fundraising initiatives.



Shall be appointed by the president and shall be charged with the planning and preparation of the "homecoming" activities for that year. The committee shall submit the plan, including budget, to the board for approval not later than the spring meeting of the board of directors. 

Membership/Local Chapter Relations


Shall be appointed by the president and chaired by the second vice president. Membership of this committee shall include the local Chapter presidents. The committee shall assist the second vice president with the development of new chapters and be the liaison between the national board and the local chapters. 



Shall be appointed by the president at the second quarterly meeting. and will consist of five (5) directors. The committee shall recommend to the membership a slate of nominees for Group I director positions. The nominating committee shall give strong consideration to nominees who have demonstrated capable prior service. The committee shall also recommend to the national board of directors a slate of candidates for election to officer positions.





Shall be appointed by the president and shall establish a mechanism for the awarding of the organization's scholarship awards, oversee the presentation of the awards and monitor and report to the board the progress of the award winners during the award period 





University/Student Relations

Shall be appointed by the president and shall address the organization's relationship with Michigan State University and students as assigned by the board of directors. Membership shall include the Group II and Group IV directors 


Young Alumni Initiative


If you are interested in working on a committee please contact the committee directly or email to

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