Greetings Fellow Black Spartans!

Welcome to our website. I am super excited to serve as your National President for another term!


2020 was an extremely difficult year and we have endured tragedy as a result of the global pandemic. As always, we will overcome. To all Spartans know that MSU Black Alumni Inc. has each of you in our thoughts and prayers.


In 2020 we hosted our first virtual homecoming weekend and annual meeting and the weekend was a success. We have also continued to cultivate our partnership with executive leadership at the institution which is promising.  I personally thank the university, President Dr. Stanley for his leadership! Through our newsletter, we highlighted the expansion of senior leadership at MSU (Trustee Dr. Rema Vassar, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Jabbar R. Bennet, and Associate Vice President for Advancement Floyd Akins Jr.).  At the end of 2020, we determined to streamline our efforts by implementing a three-year strategic plan that codifies four foci areas the organization evaluated, proposed, and selected from several years of research and written analysis. With synergy as a foundation, the foci areas are MSUBA financial advancement (funding), MSU hiring, MSU student success, and MSUBA Membership. Moreover, MSUBA seeks to foster a collaborative partnership with Michigan State University (MSU) to implement, monitor, and assess the outcomes of the foci areas and cohort goals in each foci segment. At the conclusion of 2023, MSUBA will develop a comprehensive analysis of this three-year strategic plan and share its outcomes within the organization and key MSU stakeholders.  Additionally, during my presidency, I have centered my administration on engagement, enhancement, and evolvement! In 2021 I do hope to focus our efforts on evolvement this year! To that end, 2021 marks the inaugural appointments of the MSUBA Student Advisory Committee which is comprised of current MSU student leaders! Please see the document below to read more about these exemplary student leaders.


When I reviewed our founding documents and speak with the founding members, I am impressed by their initial goals: to support students, staff, and fellow alumni by creating a space for united action while operating in the spirit of harmony. I wholeheartedly believe that we are carrying out their dream today. 


This continuity of purpose was made possible by the sacrifices and hard work put in by the past presidents, as well as by the current and past members of the MSU Black Alumni Inc. Board of Directors. I am thankful to them all for their commitment and for sharing their gifts, talents, and resources. I am honored to have had the opportunity to serve alongside many of them, witnessing their passion for scholarship, service, philanthropy, and advocacy – and I thank them each for their service.


I would also like to thank the other stakeholders who have contributed to our mission. These include all of our donors, sponsors, and contributors. Thank you also to all of the local chapter presidents and to all of the members of local chapters for positively impacting your communities while operating under the MSUBA banner.


As the united voice of Black alumni, over the years MSUBA has supported students with scholarship dollars, advocated for Black faculty, programs, and staff, and addressed issues of concern that have distressed our community and made national news. 


As we plan for the future of an MSUBA that will continue to support the aspirations of current members and attract new members of all ages, we do so knowing that our plans and actions must uplift, advocate for and support current MSU students. If we each give of ourselves - in united action – we will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.


In addition to campus-based action, we encourage you to continue demonstrating the power of Black Spartans by working in your respective communities. There is joy in being engaged with and connected to local MSUBA chapters as well as to our national organization. Let's keep it moving together. 


Imagine the united power of those committed to alumni engagement, board of director engagement, student engagement and faculty/staff engagement! Now, please, do whatever you can to contribute your energy to this cause.


If you have questions about connecting with a local chapter please email for more information. If you have any questions or comments please submit a contact form. If you would like to contact me directly, please email as I would be happy to hear from you. 


Thank you for visiting our website, stay engaged and check back periodically for additional updates. 



In true Spartan Love,


Shondra L. Marshall, PhD