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Fellow MSU Black Alumni,


Student outcome data indicates Black students at MSU are experiencing significant opportunity gaps, especially in the graduation gap. For example, the most recent data reveals the average six-year graduation rate for all first-term new students is 82%, however, it is 65% for Black students. 


In collaboration with the Black Student Success Initiative (BSSI), MSU Black Alumni Incorporated (MSUBA) has pledged to invest in supporting Black student success by establishing a mentoring program. In our research, we have discovered that if Black students actively participate in a student group or organization, engage in high-impact experiences, and have committed mentors, these students will matriculate and successfully graduate. 


Our new partnership with the MSU Career Services Network, makes this effort easy, as we will utilize MSU Connect - a professional, networking and mentorship platform to engage in successfully building connections for our students. The platform also provides alumni an opportunity for mentors to connect with other alumni to support their own career, advancement, and development.



MSUBA recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary. We have provided over 1000 scholarships to students and the endowment for our scholarship fund has surpassed $3 million – however, there is still more work to be done. Please join us in this commitment to help our students succeed and excel on their MSU journey bybecoming a mentor. As a former student, you can appeal to and advise students on navigating the complexities of MSU and the value of seeking tutoring, academic advising, and career development resources through positive motivation, and heartfelt advice. We expect that your interaction with students will take pace via WebEx, Zoom, phone calls, text messaging, FaceTime, or emails and should not exceed two hours per month! 


To kick off our inaugural mentoring group in January 2024, we need to register 100 - 500 Black alumni. Just like our scholarship fund, we intend to grow our student engagement/mentor workforce every year for generations. Please volunteer to become a “difference maker” in a student’s life and help us eliminate the graduation and other opportunity gaps. 


Click here or enter in your browser, to complete your Mentor profile on MSU Connect. Step-by-step instructions are also attached to this email. 



As a symbol of our gratitude, MSUBA will provide you with a one-year free membership. If you’re not already a member, click here to join or enter



Yours For A Better MSU,

La Verne Wilson  

Mark Largent


National President 

MSUBA Inc.     


Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and

Dean of Undergraduate Studies 








cc. Dr. James Weathers, MSUBA University Relations, Chair

cc. Dr. Shondra L. Marshall, MSUBA University Relations, Co-Chair

cc. Paris Ross, MSUBA University Relations, Co-Chair

cc: Keith Hernandez, MSUBA Membership Chair

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