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July 5, 2021 


Greetings MSUBA, 


I hope you’re enjoying your summer!  As National President, I would like to personally recognize and thank the National Board of Directors and Black Alumni members who serve on national committees and have worked tirelessly to evolve and enhance our organizational infrastructure. Keeping in mind there are limited members volunteering in the organization and those doing a great deal of work are unpaid, therefore, I must acknowledge and let you know how much I truly appreciate each of you for volunteering, which ultimately takes time away from loved ones to ensure we engage, enhance, and evolve the organization.






The MSUBA organization has recently implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), recommended that MSUBA sub-committees have designated official email addresses (versus personal ones), developed a 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, transitioned to an electronic filing platform for documents, and updated our website



Acknowledgements & Reflection



The operational side of our MSUBA organization has included an enhancement of the infrastructure, which also includes our communication efforts and membership platform. I first would like to applaud National First Vice President Dr. Nicole Brodie, Past National President Rich Lewis Jr., and National Second Vice President, Mr. Bryan Cotton for their partnership in managing our communication and membership databases. I would also like to publicly appreciate all past National Second Vice Presidents who maintained our membership lists for over 40 years! 






I want to keep you abreast and provide updates on the context as it relates to tracking our membership. For over a decade, we have used a preferred communication platform to ensure we remain connected with Alumni, as well as over the past few years, we have used MemberPlanet, a platform for managing our growing membership. 



However, please note there is a distinction between these two databases that are separate and after a deep review and audit of our distribution list/membership roster which occurred immediately following the Board of Director special meeting (November 2020), it is clear we need to make some adjustments in order to better serve our General MSUBA membership. 



As Alumni, some of you may receive this email, but then again, we may only have your email address without any other identifiable information. Please understand and cooperate with the Membership and Communication Committees that continue to work diligently to resolve this and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Therefore, before possible outreach happens, I wanted to personally alert you prior to you receiving any requests as we resolve a long-standing issue of MSUBA members not being in the loop for receiving timely information regarding MSUBA operations, news, or even Homecoming.



To that end, I graciously request your patience and understanding as we might have to reach out to you as we re-verify and gather your information, yet again, regardless of your MSUBA membership status (Lifetime, Annual, Joint, Donor). 



Again, there is nothing being requested of you as members to do right now, ONLY request is that you wait to hear from the designated MSUBA volunteers regarding further steps, if necessary. 



Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns reach out to me directly






Dr. Shondra L. Marshall, National President 



Cc. Dr. Nicole Brodie, National First Vice President 



Cc. Mr. Bryan Cotton, National Second Vice President 


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