MSU Big 10 2019 Champs
MSU Big 10 2019 Champs
MSU Big Ten 2019 Back to Back Champs
Fallen Spartan John Elwood Berry
Fallen Spartan John Elwood Berry
John with MSUBA Board Members Chuck Smith, Lural Baltimore (Founder), and Robinson Nunn
MSUBA Scholarship Students
MSUBA Scholarship Students
Graduating MSUBA Scholarship Students
Ingrid Saunders Jones
Ingrid Saunders Jones
Spartan Alum Ingrid Saunders Jones with MSUBA Scholarship students

Welcome to MSU Black Alumni Inc.

Greetings Spartans!

MSU Black Alumni Inc., is participating in GIVE GREEN DAY!

Please consider donating to one of our endowments and supporting us reach our goal!


The Endowed Scholarships are below:

  1. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Endowment
  2. William Carr Endowment
  3. Gregory Eaton Endowment
  4. James T. Garrett, Sr. Endowment
  5. Ernest G. & Phyllis C. Green Endowment
  6. Dr. Robert L. Green Endowment
  7. Ronald E. Goldsberry Family Endowment
  8. Henderson Experimental Learning Endowment
  9. Magic Johnson Endowment
  10. Ingrid Saunders Jones Endowment
  11. MSUBA Oakland County Chapter Endowment
  12. MSUBA Washington D.C. Chapter Endowment
  13. Dr. Robinson S. Nunn Endowment
  14. Pipes-McAdoo Endowment
  15. Shirley Rodgers Endowment
  16. Mark C. Smith, CPA & Faith E. Clarke Family Endowment
  17. Elizabeth Turpin Endowment
  18. Elizabeth Turpin/Delta Zeta Endowment
  19. Dr. Charles and Martha Vincent Endowment
  20. Dr. Paulette C. Walker Endowment
  21. Miller-Wilson Endowment
  22. Harold R. & Barbara B. Yates, Jr. Endowment

All gifts donated on Tuesday December 3, 2019 will count towards our goal efforts.

The 2019 Michigan State University (MSU) Alumni Grand Awards held on October 25, 2019 was an incredible event and one that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I was proud to be one of the 2019 Alumni Service recipients, an MSU Black alumnus and a Spartan!!

Thank you to the MSU Black Alumni Executive Board and so many of my fellow black alumni for your attendance and your support. I also want to thank all of the alumni who offered congratulatory wishes and was there in spirit.


To my co founders of MSU Black Alumni and so many other black alumni who have contributed to the goals and success of MSU Black Alumni Inc. I say thank you. Without you there would be no US.

Building MSU Black Alumni has been and continues to be a team effort. We should all be proud of the impact we are making in the MSU community. WE are making a difference and we should always keep our focus on the goals of the organization.

Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results !

Lural Baltimore

Greetings Spartans!

Racial Response to Membership 2019

Congratulations to the new board members!

On behalf of the executive board we would like to congratulate our newly elected MSUBA Board members; Dr. Nicole Brodie, Paris Ross, Angela Smith-Daniels, Dr. James Weathers and Laverne Wilson for the 2020-2023 Board Term. They were elected by MSUBA annual and lifetime members during the election that happened during the annual meeting, Friday, September 27, 2019. We look forward to working with you to moving MSUBA forward.

Congrats to our MSUBA Founder and current National Board Member Lural Baltimore being selected for the MSU Alumni Association 2019 Alumni Award to receive the Alumni Service Award for all her efforts in the Spartan Community especially with the MSUBA.
Spartans please be sure to support Lural as she receives the award by attending the Alumni Award event on October 25, 2019 at the Kellogg. Click on the link for details and register.

Kudos to the Lansing School Board for naming the Lansing School Administration in honor of our late MSUBA Board member Shirley Rodgers… click here for the news story